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December 16, 2005
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“So if I press this…”


“But if I adjust this—“


“And if—“


A deep, irritated sigh.

“Shilee, stop acting like a two-year-old. Tinn, nobody’s saying you’re capable of doing anything useful. For Maccig’s sake, you’ve been at it for three whole HOURS now.”

“Technically, one can’t measure time in planetary units in space, and as a Primari I find it racist—“

“Continue that thought and you’re going out the airlock.”

“That’s telling him!”

“Tinn, nobody asked you anything.”

“Yeah, that stupid little snivelling—“


“Stupid Primari twit!”

“Silly Carrotian simpleton!”

Pollin sank her head slowly into her hands. The dark black had given way to a bright blue. She was fast coming to the conclusion that the screen had been mocking her for the past couple of hours, and she had a feeling it would cheerfully continue to do so until she finally gave in to her impulses and put her head straight through the thing.

And here it is, after moths of waiting: Carrotia chapter 7 which you can read and view in it's full glory at [link] This here is only a preview of the first page, at [link] you'll find the full story!!!

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Eseopia Jun 12, 2006   Traditional Artist
:giggle: Funny little snapshot of time....
oyog Jan 31, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
That story was great. Can't wait to see that crazy alien menace.
TheLiterateBadger Jan 28, 2006   Writer
I have to say, I like this story very much. I can see the Hitchhikers' influence but it's nice to see something original in that vein. I was a bit worried when I'd reached this seventh instalment and found you put it on its own site, I didn't wnat to have to read to much, but I found I very much likeed having all the little pictures - which are ace by the way (wish I could draw like that) - to go with the story as I read along. I'm intersted in finding out what happens next and how all the pieces fit together.
Holly-Toadstool Dec 21, 2005   General Artist
I like the way you made that page, Leo :) It's kind of like a comicbook! The story and the piccies make it easier to follow! Keep it up you two! I enjoy Carrotia more and more, especially this way! :)
betsybauer Dec 16, 2005  Professional Filmographer
Haa... Nice job. :) I kinda like all of the little, simpler illustrations better than the one big one you always used to do for new installments. It just breaks up the story better and holds ones (at least, my :XD:) attention better.
Bakenius Dec 17, 2005  Professional Filmographer
Making the story more accessible was the whole point of the new approach. :) And I also find the small illustration to be far more energetic. :)
betsybauer Dec 17, 2005  Professional Filmographer
I definitley agree. ;)
“Technically, one can’t measure time in planetary units in space, and as a Primari I find it racist—“

“Continue that thought and you’re going out the airlock.”

:giggle: :rofl: I love that quote

Nice work :)
abecedary Dec 16, 2005
fuckin' warped. Zzzzzooooooooooffffff. . .
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